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6 月 11 日下午 2 点,DeFi 七点钟社区迎来第 109 期嘉宾 Musashi,HaloDAO 合约主要贡献者 ;AG , Sushi 团队亚洲区负责人,分享主题:HaloDAO 在去中心化金融与传统金融之间架构桥梁

DeFi 七点钟社区,DeFi 国内第一社区;
目的是学习 DeFi 区块链知识,推进区块链技术在各个行业的落地和应用。DeFi 七点钟社区|HaloDAO 在去中心化金融与传统金融之间架构桥梁
Q1: There are two tokens in halodao: RNBW and xRNBW. How is the relationship between the two tokens? As far as I know, the governance token is RNBW, what can I do with it?
Q1: 在 HaloDAO 中,有两个 token。RNBW 和 xRNBW。这两个 token 之间的关系是怎样的?据我所知,治理 token 是 RNBW,我可以用它做什么?

DeFi 七点钟社区|HaloDAO 在去中心化金融与传统金融之间架构桥梁
RNBW (ERC-20) is the governance token of HaloDAO. It can be used to vote on proposals submitted by other RNBW token holders during protocol governance and it can be used as collateral to borrow stablecoins.
RNBW (ERC-20)是 HaloDAO 的治理 token。它可以用来对其他 RNBW token 持有者在协议治理期间提交的提案进行投票,也可以作为抵押品来借出稳定币。此外,随着时间的推移,RNBW 被从市场上买回,并被烧毁或作为矿工提供流动性的奖励。积极参与治理的 RNBW token 持有者也将能够在我们开发合同的后期阶段获得稳定币投票奖励。

Further, over time RNBW is bought back from the market and either burned or used as liquidity rewards for farmers.
而且,随着时间的推移 RNBW 从市场上买回,然后烧掉或用作农民的流动性奖励。

RNBW token holders in active governance will also be able to earn stablecoin voting rewards from the network later on as we develop the later stages of the contracts.xRNBW is our vesting token.
RNBW token
持有人在积极的治理,也将能够获得稳定的 coin 投票奖励从网络稍后,因为我们开发的合同的后期阶段。是我们的归属 token。

When you supply liquidity to HaloDAO’s AMM (exchange like uniswap) or lending market, you will earn xRNBW, which is worth more RNBW the longer you hold it. So the longer you hold xRNBW, the more RNBW you get.
xRNBW 是我们的线性释放 token。当你向 HaloDAO 的 AMM (类似 Uniswap 的交易所)或借贷市场提供流动性时,你将获得 xRNBW,持有的时间越长,RNBW 价值越高,获得数量越多。

Q2: Tell me what is the profit model of HaloDao project?
Q2:HaloDao 项目的盈利模式是什么?

On every swap, lend/borrow the network takes a commission of the transaction. A portion of this commission is used to burn RNBW, a portion is used to buyback RNBW and give it to liquidity providers and a portion is kept in the earnings pool of the protocol to reward RNBW token holders that actively vote in governance.
在每次交换、借出 / 借入时,网络都会收取交易的佣金。这个佣金的一部分用于燃 RNBW,一部分用于回购 RNBW 并将其交给流动性提供者,还有一部分保留在协议的收益池中,以奖励积极投票参与治理的 RNBW token 持有人。

This also means that RNBW token holders in active governance will receive stablecoin rewards from the profits of the network
这也意味着积极治理的 RNBW token 持有人将从网络的利润中获得稳定币奖励。

Q3: How does HaloDAO attract investors and users to hold RNBW tokens for a long time?
Q3: HaloDAO 是如何吸引投资者和用户长期持有 RNBW 代币的?
DeFi 七点钟社区|HaloDAO 在去中心化金融与传统金融之间架构桥梁
There are a few reasons why our community would like to hold our governance token RNBW for a longer period of time.
我们的社区愿意长期持有我们的治理 token RNBW,有几个原因。

The first is that governance tokens can participate in voting to influence the progress of our protocol in the long term.
第一,治理 token 可以参与投票,长期参与协议的发展。

The second is that, governance participation allows token holders to have a claim against the protocol rewards.
第二,治理 token 允许持币者对协议奖励有决策权力。

Finally, our governance token will be directed to our vesting pool to earn more governance rewards. The longer our community members support our project, the more token rewards they can earn
最后,我们的治理 token 将被引导到我们的线性池,以获得更多的治理奖励。社区成员支持我们项目的时间越长,他们可以获得的 token 奖励就越多。

Q4: How to attract non-crypto users/more users in general?
Q4: 如何吸引非加密货币用户 / 更多普通用户?
DeFi 七点钟社区|HaloDAO 在去中心化金融与传统金融之间架构桥梁

Stablecoins are attractive because they can participate in DeFi yield farming safely.The biggest blocker for mass adoption is that DeFi is hard to understand so we make it simple.
稳定的生态系统是有吸引力的,因为它们可以安全地参与 DeFi 产量农业。大规模推广我们项目的最大障碍是 DeFi 的发展速度太快了。所以要想走得快,优越的策略是走得慢 .

How we go slow is that we do what people are most familiar with. One of our upcoming ecosystem projects is our wallet. This wallet is different in that it only allows users to interact with our Protocol. Whereas other wallets show many protocols.

This allows users to on-ramps their fiat to crypto easily and have a robinhood like easy trading experience and revolut-like easy fx swap experience.
这使得用户可以轻松地将他们的法币转换为加密货币,并拥有类似 Robinhood 的轻松交易体验和类似 Revolut 的轻松外汇互换体验。

As this wallet for example brings in liquidity and only shows our Protocol, it allows users to provide ‘exclusive liquidity’ to us. These users are likely not the sophisticated DeFi natives like those in this group.
由于这个钱包带来了流动性,并且只显示我们的协议,它允许用户向我们提供 ” 独家流动性 “。这些用户很可能不是像这一组中的那些复杂的 DeFi 老玩家。

How we know this works is that we’ve actually worked with migrant workers from the Philippines and Indonesia for almost a year learning their behaviours.
DeFi 七点钟社区|HaloDAO 在去中心化金融与传统金融之间架构桥梁
Q5: What has the HaloDAO team done to make this project full of innovation, inspiration, compared to what it was in the beginning to become what it is today?
Q5: 与最初相比,HaloDAO 团队具体做了哪些来为项目赋能?

We began by investigating how to do our model from a centralised view.And the answer was it takes too long and costs far too much.

Along the way we went from money issuer model (centralised) -> synthetic issuance -> defi AMM+Lending market.
一路走来,我们从货币发行者模式(集中式)-> 合成发行->DeFi AMM+借贷市场。

The open DeFi model gives our community the ability to leverage global liquidity networks where we can deploy quicker and cheaper.
开放的 DeFi 模式使我们的社区有能力利用全球流动性网络,我们可以更快、更便宜地部署。

We’ve had to iterate rapidly and thankfully we must highlight our top investors like QCP and GBV, which has deep experience in market making fundflows have given us very good strategic input.
我们必须快速迭代,感谢们的投资者,如 QCP 和 GBV,他们在做市资金流方面有深厚的经验,给了我们很好的战略投入。

We’re just at the beginning now and there’s much more to do in our future where we hope you can be part of it!

Q6: When is whitelisting? And where can we apply?

Do read our medium article here on the details of the whitelisting process
请阅读我们的媒体文章在这里的白名单过程的细节 (

Here is a short summary of the details for whitelisting:

-Whitelist Detail

-Whitelist Open : June 10, 2021, 12:00 AM UTC
-白名单开放时间:2021 年 6 月 10 日 12 : 00 (UTC)

-Whitelist Close : June 16, 12:00 AM UTC
-白名单关闭时间:6 月 16 日 12 : 00 (UTC)

– Whitelist Announcement : June 18\, 12:00 AM UTC
白名单公告:6 月 18 日 12 : 00 (UTC)

-Only 1000 Address will be whitelisted
-白名单仅限 1000 个地址

-IDO detail
-IDO 细节

-Date : June 24, 2021 at 12 PM UTC
-时间:2021 年 6 月 24 日 12 : 00 (UTC)

Q7: What are the types of auctions available on Sushi Miso? (Ariel)
Q7: Sushi Miso 有哪些拍卖方式?

MISO 是我们最新推出了 IDO 平台,目前已经有两个项目成功完成了 IDO 筹资。我们也非常欢迎有 Halodao 这样的优质项目加入~
MISO 总共有三种拍卖方式,它们分别是众筹(Crowdsale)、荷兰式拍卖(Dutch auction)、批量拍卖(Batch Auction)。

众筹(Crowdsale):经典的众筹方式,以设定好的固定价格出售一定数量的 token 给用户。

荷兰式拍卖(Dutch auction)也称为“减价式”拍卖,代币价格随着一定的时间间隔,按照事先确定的降价阶梯,由高到低递减。所有买受人(即买到物品的人)都以最后的竞价(即所有买受人中的最低出价)成交。例如 Bob 最开始以一个指定的价格买入一定的资金,在代币分配完毕后,以所有出价人中的最低价作为最终成交价,这时这个成交价肯定比 Bob 的出价低,而 Bob 也将获得比预想的更多的代币。

批量拍卖(Batch Auction):会有一个 token 池和一个贡献池。每个参与的人会得到与他们在贡献池中的份额等比例的 token。token 的价格取决于最后筹集到多少资金。适用于无限制的募资。
以上就是 miso 的三种拍卖参与方式。之后我们也在考虑加入类似 balancer 的 lbp 的发行方式~

Q8: What’s the difference between Dutch Auction and Crowdsale?
Q8:众筹(Crowdsale)和荷兰式拍卖(Dutch auction)的区别在哪里?

它们的分配方式是一样。你得到的份额 = 你投入的金额 / 总共筹集到的金额,你得到的币数量 = 你得到的份额*总拍卖总量。


批量拍卖就比较简单,就是按大家投入的比例来分配,一般这种分配也会设置每个人可以参与的上限,可以尽可能让更多人都参与进来。总之,荷兰拍和批量拍卖都是有价格发现机制的,会逐渐在市场中找到 token 的合适价格。

我们目前正在与不同的交易所谈合作。我们将在我们的 Telegram 和其他社交媒体平台上披露更多信息。

1.How does small investors take part in the auction?

We have to work with Sushi to confirm our auction details. Follow our socials to learn more about the IDO process!
我们需要与 Sushi 团队确认我们的拍卖细节。请关注我们的社交网站,了解更多关于 IDO 的过程 !

2.Have you disclosed the liquidation and auction mechanism? Any technical documents?
2、我问下,Halodao 的清算拍卖机制公开了吗?具体有什么技术文档吗> this is our gitbook. Do read more about it for more technical details We are still working on the Chinse version of our gitbook and will update our social media platforms once it is done up!> 这是我们的 gitbook 链接。关于技术细节,可以阅读文章了解更多。我们仍在开发中文版本的 gitbook,完成后,我们将更新在我们的社交媒体上。

3.What is the stability mechanism of HaloDAO? And what’s the advantage of HaloDAO compared with MakerDAO?
3、HaloDAO 的稳定机制是什么?和去中心化稳定币 MakerDAO 相比有什么优势?

We are not the same as MakerDAO. We are not stablecoin issuers. We are an AMM + Lending market for stablecoins. MakerDAO advices us.
我们和 MakerDAO 不一样。我们不是稳定币发行商。我们是一个 AMM+稳定币的借贷市场。MakerDAO 为我们提供建议。

4.Will gas fee be high? Will the gas fee be enough to support the ecosystem?
4、HaloDAO 的交易收费会不会很高?仅靠交易佣金能维持生态流动吗?

We start on Ethereum. We will be deploying to Polygon and BSC via the token bridges very quickly after our v0 launch, 28th June!
HaloDAO 从以太坊起步。我们将在 6 月 28 日推出 v0 后,迅速通过 token 桥部署到 Polygon 和 BSC!
You can see some of our investor quotation in this article!

Gustav from MakerDAO has been advising us from the very beginning!
这是在项目早期,来自 MakerDAO 团队的 Gustav 为我们提供的建议!
DeFi 七点钟社区|HaloDAO 在去中心化金融与传统金融之间架构桥梁



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