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6 月 10 日晚 7 点,DeFi 七点钟社区迎来第 108 期嘉宾 Son ho,Roxe 亚太战略合作 VP,分享主题:Faraland BSC 链上的回合制 NFT 游戏

DeFi 七点钟社区,DeFi 国内第一社区;
目的是学习 DeFi 区块链知识,推进区块链技术在各个行业的落地和应用 .DeFi 七点钟社区|Faraland BSC 链上的回合制 NFT 游戏
Q1: Hi Mr. Son Ho, before we start getting into details of Faraland, can you inform us very briefly about the highlights of Faraland?
Q1: Son Ho 您好,在我们开始了解细节之前,能不能简要地告诉我们 Faraland 的亮点?

I’d love to share with you all about our Faraland. And yes, before I disclose any further about what Faraland is and how the whole project works, I’ll give you a sneak peek of the highlights from Faraland:
我很乐意与你们分享 Faraland。是的,在进一步揭开 Faraland 是什么以及整个项目是如何运作之前,我们先来了解一下 Faraland 的亮点。

– Realistic project (game – accessible by everyone)
-现实的项目(游戏–人人都可参与 )

– Target vast audience (crypto & non-crypto audience)
– 目标受众广泛(加密货币和非加密货币受众)

– Reliable VCs such as AU21 Capital\, MoonRock Capital\, ExNetwork Capital\, Magnus Capital\, X-21 Digital\, Coin98.
– 可靠机构领投,如 AU21 Capital、MoonRock Capital、ExNetwork Capital、Magnus Capital、X-21 Digital、Coin98。

– Ensured security (audited by Certik & Moonpool)
– 安全性具有保证(经 Certik & Moonpool 审计)

– Token’s growth is ensured with the game’s growth. Huge token use case.
-Token 的增长与游戏的增长成正比。大量的 Token 使用案例。

Q2: Can you tell us more about the details of Faraland? What’s the concept of Faraland?
Q2:可以跟我们分享更多细节吗?Faraland 的概念是什么呢?

Faraland is a turn-based strategy & RPG. In game, you can use your NFTs as heroes and compete with other players by learning powerful skills, collecting rare equipment, recruiting troops, moving around the map, capturing resources and joining battles. All heroes have mutually exclusive attributes, and after each battle, they earn experience, such that veteran heroes are significantly more powerful than inexperienced ones.
Faraland 是一款回合制策略和角色扮演游戏。在游戏中,你可以使用你的 NFT 英雄,通过学习强大的技能、收集稀有装备、招募军队、在地图上运动、捕获资源和加入战斗来与其他玩家竞争。所有英雄都有互斥的属性,每场战斗后都会获得经验值,所以老英雄明显比没经验的强。

Faraland is inspired by Warcraft World, Final Fantasy storyline, Horizon Zero Dawn background, Pokemon and Final Fantasy Tactics combat system, and EVE online gameplay – where players can do anything with each other and war battle can cost a million dollars.
Faraland 的灵感来自魔兽世界、最终幻想故事情节、地平线零黎明背景、口袋妖怪和最终幻想战术战斗系统以及 EVE 在线游戏 – 玩家可以互相做任何事情,战争可能耗资百万美元。

We’re the very first leading game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with NFT. Therefore, NFT is the soul of this project. If you are lucky, you can open a rare clan and earn a lot from your investment. It’s different from other NFT projects where NFT is used only for collection purposes. In Faraland, owning NFT also helps you attend exclusive features in game later, which will help you earn more Fara tokens ($FARA).
我们也将很快发布 Faraland 的漫画。我们是币安智能链 (BSC) 上第一款采用 NFT 的领先游戏。因此,NFT 是这个项目的灵魂。运气好的话,可以开一个稀有的战队,投资赚大钱。它不同于其他仅用于收集目的 NFT 项目。在 Faraland,拥有 NFT 还可以帮助您以后参加游戏活动,这将帮助您赚取更多 Fara Token($FARA)。

Q3: There are actually quite a few games on the blockchain, so what is special about FARALAND?
Q3: 目前 NFT 游戏赛道项目冗杂,FARALAND 有什么特别之处能够脱颖而出?

We know that there are a lot of teams and competitors out there developing their NFT gaming projects. Faraland has advantages against them:
我们知道有很多团队和竞争对手在开发他们的 NFT 项目甚至 NFT 游戏。Faraland 对他们有优势:

– All crypto and non-crypto can participate in Faraland. For blockchain users\, players can use $FARA to trade in exchange\, trade NFT heroes or equipment in the marketplace. NFT Heroes will have more base stats than non NFT heroes and have some unique functions like floor price. For non-crypto players\, they can enjoy the game with normal Hero (non NFT). With them\, Faraland is just like other mobile games. They also can claim Fara token they earn from game activities to $FARA (crypto) and trade in exchange for money.
所有加密和非加密都可以参与 Faraland。有了区块链用户,玩家可以使用 Fara 在市场上进行交易,交易 NFT 英雄、装备。NFT 英雄将拥有比非 NFT 英雄更多的基础数据,并具有一些独特的功能,例如底价。对于非加密玩家,他们可以使用普通英雄(非 NFT)享受游戏。有了它们,Faraland 就像其他手机游戏一样。他们还可以从游戏活动中获得的 Fara 并进行交易以换取金钱。

– Not many blockchain games have their own version on mobile because of Apple restriction. The main reason for this is that Apple does not accept money payment on apps. We have our own payment gateway and syncing between offchain and onchain to deploy our games in both IOS and Android apps\, so users can experience the games On-chain in mobiles.
– 由于 Apple 的限制,没有多少区块链游戏在手机上有自己的版本。造成这种情况的主要原因是 Apple 不接受应用程序付款。我们拥有自己的支付网关,并在链下和链上同步以在 IOS 和 Android 应用程序中部署我们的游戏,因此用户可以在手机上体验链上游戏。

– We’re focusing on “Play to earn” mechanism. People can buy heroes\, equipment from in-game marketplace\, then attack other players to earn rewards (FARA token). With $FARA\, they can stake to increase their hero’s exp\, upgrade equipment\, try their luck in gacha-like equipment vending machines to earn the good equipment from the machines and make a fortune with it. For normal users\, they can choose to play the ads on the mobile platform to earn $FARA as well.
– 我们专注于 ” 游戏赚钱 ” 机制。人们可以在游戏中的市场上购买英雄和装备,然后攻击其他玩家以获得奖励(FARAtoken)。用 FARA,他们可以用赌注来增加英雄的经验,升级装备,在类似于 Gacha 的装备自动售货机上碰运气,从机器上赚取好的装备,并以此获取财富。对于普通用户来说,他们可以选择在移动平台上打广告,也可以赚取 FARA token。

– We also create an amazing storyline for each race and the big story for the war battles among 7 races. So players can experience the Faraland world with lots of activities
– 我们拥有顶级艺术家的加盟。我们还为每个种族创造了跌宕起伏的故事情节,并为 7 个种族之间的战争战斗创造了一个大故事背景。所以玩家可以通过大量的活动来体验 Faraland 的世界。

Q4: I see that Faraland has many reputable investors such as AU21, X-21 Digital, Moonrock Capital, Magnus Capital, etc. This makes me want to invest long-term in Faraland, but how can I make sure that $FARA will be profitable?
Q4:我看到 Faraland 有很多知名的投资者,如 AU21、X-21 Digital、Moonrock Capital、Magnus Capital 等。假如我想长期投资 Faraland,我如何确保 $FARA 能够盈利

Talk about being profitable, the first thing we should pay attention to is the token use case. We want to make a strong demand for $FARA, that’s why the whole project was designed to make the most out of $FARA’s utilities, the token will mainly be used throughout our ecosystem, including:
谈及盈利,我们首先应该注意的是 token 的使用情况。我们希望对 $FARA 有强烈的需求,这就是为什么整个项目的设计是为了充分利用 $FARA 的功用,token 将主要用于我们整个生态系统,包括。

– Purchase equipment for their Hero.
– 为他们的英雄购买设备。

– Upgrade their equipment to a higher tier.
– 将他们的装备升级到更高的级别。

– Stake token for EXP farming for their Hero.
– 用 token 为他们的英雄进行 EXP 耕种。

– Give an unique name for the Hero.
– 为英雄起一个独特的名字。

– Reward for seasonal events and other gaming activities.
– 为季节性活动和其他游戏活动提供奖励。

– Vote for various gaming parameters in DAO.
– 为 DAO 中的各种游戏参数投票。

In our point of view, we can’t directly disclose how we’ll make you profitable. However, as a reminder, Faraland has many strong & reputable investors, and $FARA has more use cases than many many NFT gaming projects out there. While their token price & market cap is so high compared to $FARA, with the participation of the mass-market, what’re the chances for $FARA holders to not get the profit? I think you’ve got the answer for yourself about this question by now 😉
从我们的角度来看,我们不能直接透露我们将如何使你获利。然而,作为一个提醒,Faraland 有许多强大的和有信誉的投资者,比起其他 NFT 游戏项目,Faraland 有更多的使用案例。虽然其他项目的 token 价格和市值比 $FARA 高,但在大众市场的参与下,$FARA 的持有者没有获得利润的可能性有多大?我想你现在已经对这个问题有了自己的答案。

Q5: I can see now FARA token is worth investing in. How about the NFT? I see many projects with NFTs out there which are only for collection purpose. I know that NFTs in Faraland have different purposes aside from collecting. Should I invest in NFTs of Faraland as well?
Q5: 我现在可以看到 FARA 代币是值得投资的。那么 NFT 呢?我看到很多有 NFT 的项目,仅仅只能收集。Faraland 的 NFT 除了收集之外还有其他目的。我是否也应该投资于 Faraland 的 NFT?

Faraland is all about NFT. If you want to invest, invest in NFT, and you will not regret it. If you got lucky, you can own a rare class and multiply your investment funds.
Faraland NFT usecase is for taking part in the big game which mean “play to earn”. The stronger NFT you have, the bigger chance you can earn more Fara token. Then you can cash out for real money.
Faraland 是关于 NFT 的全部。如果你想投资,就投资于 NFT,你不会后悔的。如果你运气好,你可以拥有一个罕见的等级,使你的投资资金成倍增长。Faraland NFT 的用途是参加大型游戏,这意味着 ” 通过游戏来赚钱 “。你拥有的 NFT 越强,你就越有机会获得更多的 Fara token。然后你就可以用真钱来兑现。

Faraland NFT also have a various use case and can be traded in the marketplace after NFT sale. You can also have some fun with the gacha system etc… A lot of NFT project out there got no vision, no use case, just for collection. Faraland vision is far beyond that.
Faraland NFT 也有多种用途,可以在 NFT 出售后在市场上进行交易。你也可以在 Gacha 系统中获得一些乐趣。很多 NFT 项目都没有愿景,没有使用案例,只是为了收集。Faraland 的愿景远远超出这个范围。

NFT heroes are kind of stronger. Free user in mobile app when the game release later, they can get heroes of rank D, C and the maximum for free player is rank A. NFT Heroes is rank S, little bit stronger, have unique look and can access to some exclusive features.
NFT 的英雄是比较强大的。当游戏发布后,移动应用程序中的免费用户可以获得 D 级、C 级的英雄,而免费玩家的最高等级是 A 级。NFT 英雄是 S 级,稍微强一点,有独特的外观,可以获得一些独家功能。

We’re actually building Faraland with the vision of making Faraland “a land where gamers make income”, that’s why we’ll focus everything we can to make sustainable cashflow system for NFTs.
实际上,我们在建设 Faraland 的过程中,希望将 Faraland 打造成 ” 游戏玩家赚取收入的土地 “,这就是为什么我们会集中一切力量为 NFT 建立可持续的现金流系统。

A side note: NFT heroes sale is currently open right now on our website and it is almost sold out. If you don’t want to buy with higher price, now is a good time to buy them 😉
附带说明:NFT 英雄销售目前正在我们的网站上开放 而且几乎卖光了。如果你不想以更高的价格购买,现在是购买的好时机。

Q6:I’ve learned that Faraland will start its IDO on June 12th. Can you share with us more details? What’re the requirements for us in order to participate?
Q6:我了解到 Faraland 将在 6 月 12 日开始进行 IDO。你能和我们分享更多的细节吗?参与的要求是什么呢?

The IDO will be held on June 12th via BSCLaunch and RedKite (PolkaFoundry).
IDO 将于 6 月 12 日通过 BSCLaunch 和 RedKite (PolkaFoundry)举行。

– BSCLaunch requires a whitelist application\, which you can fill in here:
You will also need to hold BSL (BSCLaunch token) to participate in the sale. To see the required holding amount for each tier, you can visit Bronze tier requires the least, 500 BSL, while Platinum requires 5,000 BSL.
BSCLaunch 需要一个白名单申请,您可以在这里填写:。您还需要持有 BSL (BSCLaunch token)才能参与销售。 要查看每个级别所需的持有量,您可以访问 青铜级需要最少的 500 BSL,而白金级需要 5,000 BSL

– Redkite (from Polkafoundry) also has different tiers (Dove\, Hawk\, Eagle\, Phoenix) based on numbers of staked PKF\, you can read the details here: One special thing about RedKite is that Redkite has the Hero Tier, which is for people who own at least 02 Faraland NFT Heroes. This way you don’t need to stake your PKF. Please also see the details on the link above 🙂
– Redkite (来自 PolkaFoundry)除了公开销售价格外,还为您提供种子销售和私人销售。该平台还要求您拥有 PKF (PolkaFoundry token)或在 上购买了 NFT Hero。
详情请访问 或者他们的公告频道 /

Q7: For blockchain games, the player base is everything. What kind of marketing strategies has the team decided to use to spread awareness about Faraland, and to promote the games’ userbase?
Q7:对于区块链游戏来说,玩家群体就是一切。团队决定采用什么样的营销策略来传播 Faraland,并扩大游戏的用户群?

That’s one of our main aim. Crypto projects at the moment often focus too much on crypto users, that’s why their userbase rarely has robust growth in their business model. We’re actually a game (a product that can be used by any users), with exclusive features backed by blockchain technology, which is making sense for any non-crypto user to participate in the game. We will do mass-user acquisition in our later phases. At that time, our Marketing Department will be divided into 2 smaller divisions: for crypto market, and for non-crypto market. The whole details can’t be explained in a single answer, but you know, we always have plan for it. That’s why I am working for the team, not only as a Marketing person in the crypto world, but also as a Marketing person in traditional & other modern markets as well.
总之,再次提示一下。我们也会像其他游戏一样在移动应用程序(App Store 和 Google Play)上发布游戏。

1.It seems that early players have more advantages than the new players. Is there any solution to help new players?

Actually in any Online RPG game, the more time you spend with the game, the more advantages you have. It’s like a reward for those who are serious about the game and plan to make a stable income out of it. However it can vary due to other factors, such as luck, or your spending. If you’re lucky enough to get a rare class hero (Angel for example) with special attributes then you’ll have some more advantages. Or you can stake to make your NFT heroes to make them stronger, the more $FARA used, the quickly they’ll grow.
实际上在任何在线 RPG 游戏中,你在游戏中花费的时间越多,你的优势就越大。这就像对那些认真对待游戏并计划从中获得稳定收入的人的奖励。然而,它可以由于其他因素而变化,如运气,或你的花费。如果你足够幸运,得到一个具有特殊属性的稀有类英雄(例如天使),那么你会有一些更多的优势。或者你可以用赌注来使你的 NFT 英雄变得更强,使用的 $FARA 越多,他们就会成长得越快。

2.I want to know, which agency is the Faraland contract audit? What partners or institutions are there currently available?
2、我想了解,Faraland 合约审计是哪个机构呢?目前有哪些合作方或者机构?

I see lot of concern about security and hacking. To answer that part, we have work with Certik and Moonpool to audit our Project and make sure that the smart contracts are safe for all of our user.
我看到很多人对安全和黑客攻击的担忧。关于这部分,我们与 Certik 和 Moonpool 合作,对我们的项目进行审计,确保智能合约对我们所有的用户是安全的。
DeFi 七点钟社区|Faraland BSC 链上的回合制 NFT 游戏
You can see the list of our partners & backers here also (and it’s not even all of them)

From now you can visit our social media channels to get more info about us:
– Website:
– Telegram:
– Medium:
And don’t miss out our ongoing NFT hero sale and our IDO on June 12th with BSCLAUNCH and REDKITE!!!
– 官网:
— 电报:
– Medium:
不要错过我们正在进行的 NFT 英雄销售和 6 月 12 日与 BSCLAUNCH 和 REDKITE 的 IDO!!!




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